Hazzberry Farm
Address: 143 Canard St Port Williams, NS, B0P1T0
Email Address:
Phone: 902-582-7358
About Us
Our small hobby farm is located between Port Williams and Canning, N.S.. We planted our first haskap bushes in 2014 and we have just over an acre in production.
We have 2 horses that provide most of our compost for our haskap berry business. We are happy to be growing this new superfruit as it is not only a nutritional powerhouse , but very tasty too!

Hazzberry Farms has teamed up with Stone Hearth Bakery, a subsidiary of Metroworks of Halifax, a socially conscious enterprise whose values are very much in line with the Hazzberry Farms cooperative philosophy. Hazzberry Farms is 100% farmer owned and operated, our haskap berries are all naturally grown without the use of chemicals of any kind. Stone Hearth Bakery trains socially disadvantaged persons and then gives them employment, using their new skills, by producing these wonderful preserves and sauces you have come to enjoy.
Although the labels may be applied a bit askew, please smile as they are an example of one of the many jobs created through our joint effort.

Although our farm is not organically certified, we follow organic growing practices. We rely heavily on our own composted manure and compost tea and do not use herbicides or pesticides.