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Elmridge Farm
Address: Centerville Centerville, NS,
About Us
Elmridge Farm is a third generation family farm located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. Owned and operated by Greg and Suzanne Gerrits, their two children Gillian and James and a dedicated team of local and international farm workers.

We believe that our food should be produced sustainably, and be of the highest quality. We strive to grow vegetables that are superior in freshness, flavour and nutrition. Eating local doesn't have to be expensive and our pricing will always reflect that.

Being a third generation farming family it is important to us to honour agricultural farming traditions while playing an active role in the vibrant and creative local food culture of our home province. Apart from our presence at several Farmers markets in and around Halifax we supply many of both the established and emerging fine dining restaurants as well as numerous farm markets throughout the province and beyond.
Try for yourself; and let us feed you!
We grow a wide variety of fresh market fruit and vegetables, the majority of which are grown pesticide free.
Pesticide free indicates that the item has been grown without the use of conventional pesticides by using natural biological controls and good management. Compost and green manure are used as our main source of fertilizer. After 25 years of adopting safer, more natural ways to grow our produce we have reduced conventional pesticide use by 95%. We continue to develop better ways of growing produce safely and naturally. Crops we have successfully grown pesticide free are labeled as such so our customers know exactly what they are getting .