Refund Policy

When you pick up your products at your Community Hub, you will be asked to put your products in your own bags and containers. Please use this time to check your order carefully and make sure you have all items including those from the refrigerator and freezer.  Also make sure that everything looks delicious and in great condition.  If you have products that are in an unsatisfactory condition, please contact the producer directly, ideally at that time or as soon as you get home.  Having spent years selling at Farmers' Markets, our vendors are proud to offer great customer service.  They appreciate being able to offer the personal touch and so would like to be able to address issues with you directly.   Each vendor's contact info is part of their profile found on the Meet your Producers page of the website.  If they cannot help you to your satisfaction, then a credit will be issued to your WFM2Go account.   Failing that we can always credit your your credit card or issuing you a check.

You may use our Contact Us form to communicate any problems that arise.

All orders submitted must be paid for; refunds are not available if you forget an item at the pick-up site, or forget to get your order entirely.