Privacy Policy

We store your name, address, telephone and email information and, if you choose, credit card information as well. We do this as a convenience to you for the purpose of reordering, and in case we need to contact you regarding the status of your order. Your information is confidential and all credit card transactions are encrypted.

We have two types of emails we may send out: administrative and promotional. For administrative purposes we will send you a reminder email if you haven't completed an order that you started at the end of the ordering period, you will also receive a confirmation email (or more if you confirm more than once), and pick-up reminder with an update invoice on delivery day. We will send two e-newsletters: a short e-news on Monday reminding you to order as well as a longer e-news offering updates on vendors, new products, in-season recipes and any specials that we have. You will have the option to opt out of the newsletter emails when you register and can unsubscribe at any time.