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Olde Furrow Farm
Contact: Adam Webster & Courtney Madore
Address: 569 Belcher St. Port Williams, NS, B0P 1T0
Phone: 902-385-9307
About Us
Olde Furrow Farm is run by Adam & Courtney Webster in Port Williams.

We grow 4 acres of spray-free mixed veggies, fruit, and herbs. We love growing the unusual and flavorful varities that have often been forgotten. We began faming in 2011 because we believed that growing healthy food should not only nuture our bodies but the land too.
Our farm is ever evolving but with one constant at the heart of what we do and that is maintaining/improving the quality of the land. All of our crops are grown from non-gmo/heirloom seeds.The majority of our fertilizers are made/grown/produced on farm. Our fields are prepared in the spring by tractor and maintained by hand throughout the season. Weed management is done mostly by hand, by flame or by hay. Pest management is done through a mixture of companion planting, crop rotation, hand removal, and attracting beneficial insects. We never use any sprays, we find healthy plants and wood ash works for most things...except deer. :)

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