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teBogt's Produce & Meat
Contact: Emily teBogt
Address: PO Box 102 11349 HWY 1 Grand Pre, NS, B0P1M0
Phone: 902-670-3408
About Us
teBogt's Produce & Meat is run by Emily teBogt in Grand Pre. I started my business when I was 18 years old in 2011 on my famiy's dairy & poultry farm. I grow a few acres of vegetables, have a small flock of sheep, laying hens and a pig herd. I aim to provide good quality food at a fair price to local consumers year round.
Everything that I sell, I grow myself. Vegetables are grown without the use of chemical herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizer. Farming methods include the use of composted livestock manure, non-gmo seeds, plastic mulch, greenhouses, tractor power and lots of human power, crop rotation and biological pest control. Sheep flock is 100% grass-fed and raised out on pasture during the summer and in the barn during the winter months. Laying hens are currently housed in the barn in a free run/cage free setting. Pigs are also housed in a barn, large pens with lots of straw bedding. Sows are free from stalls and gestation crates and I sell most of my piglets to other farmers once they are weaned. The hogs I do raise are fed a diet of hog grower from the feed mill (antibiotic free), hay and cull veggies. For more information and pictures check out my website and find me on facebook and instagram.