TwinAitch Food for Thought
Address: 7153 Hwy 12 Aaldersville , NS, B0J2M0
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Phone: 902-240-5430
About Us
Livestock and fruit farm in Aaldersville, NS. We raise chicken, turkey, duck, geese, lamb, goat, pork and some beef, mostly heritage animals rather than commercial so they grow slower and have continual access to pasture and forest. We also grow no spray high bush blueberries, black currents, raspberries and have a honey crisp orchard.
We strive to raise our animals with access to the outdoors, grasses, pasture, forest as we believe they are intended to be and live a happy free roam lifestyle. Our meat and fruits are utilized in our on farm certified kitchen and become amazing tasty ready to eat meals, hand pies, broths, lard, tallow, sausages, cuts of meat, jams and pickles. We are ever evolving so new products can appear 😊 Rooter to tooter, beek to tail feather, nose to tail butcher happens here.