Acadiana Soy
Contact: Amine Azzi
Address: 751 Herring Cove Road Unit-G Halifax, NS, B3R 1Y9
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Phone: 902-401-4784
About Us
Acadiana Soy Products has been making fine, traditional-style tofu since 1994.

The soybeans we use are certified organic, non genetically-modified.
We craft our tofu in small batches, using open cauldron-style cooking. We soak the beans in water overnight. Then we grind the soaked beans into a paste. The ground soybeans are cooked in boiling water in an open cauldron. After cooking we separate the soymilk from the soybean pulp. Making tofu from soymilk is similar to making cheese from any milk. We coagulate the soymilk using nigari, a Japanese coagulant composed mainly of magnesium chloride. The coagulated milk separates into curds and whey. We ladle the curds by hand into forming boxes where the curds are pressed into shape. When the tofu is set we cut it into blocks by hand. This is the delicious, fresh, homemade product that you enjoy.

There are few small, traditional tofu shops making fresh tofu in Canada. Fresh tofu is truly the best tofu. We are proud to offer you our quality tofu products.