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Jordan's Natural Acres
City: Forest Hill, NS, B4P2R1
Phone: 902-542-2046
About Us
Jordans natural acres is a fourth generation family run operation. We all work together to bring the delicious, humanly and ethically raised products to you the consumer. Everything we sell is grown on our farm. Our products include grass fed beef, pasture raised poultry,forest grown and free range pork. Free range and pasture raised layers for delicious eggs. Our beef is grass fed from the beginning through to harvest. All of the meat we grow is processed at a provincially inspected facility within minutes of our farm. We believe in regenerative practices and are not a fully regenerative farm but are working toward that goal. We believe in transparency and educating people on how we do things. We are passionate and proud small farmers.
We grow everything free range , on pastures where we practice regenerative agriculture and sustainability. We enjoy watching our animals growing and living as they should , in a natural setting.