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Longspell Point Farm
Address: 245 Longspell Rd. Kingsport Canning, NS, B0P 1H0
Phone: 902-680-5615
About Us
Located in Kingsport Nova Scotia, Longspell Point Farm is run by the McMahon family, and produces beef, chicken, pork, turkey and a variety of vegetables.
Our farm produces beef (grass fed), chicken (free range), pork (non-gmo grain and pasture fed) and turkey (free range). We grow a full variety of vegetables with-out the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. For fertility, we use our own composted manure, green manure crops and crop rotation. Our crops rely on our good soil biology for their nutrients. We grow our grains and forage in the same manner. We sell wheat, rye and oat flour, Scottish oats and oat groats.