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Moon Tide Farm
Address: 1233 Cape Split Rd, RR 3 Scots Bay, NS, , B0P 1H0
Phone: 902-582-1667
About Us
Moon Tide Farm was established in 2009 by Joel and Ann Huntley in rural, coastal Nova Scotia and has grown to include Grace & Connor, their two small children. We offer grass-fed beef, heritage pork, grass-fed lamb (limited availability), free-range chicken, a medley of vegetables, canned & fermented foods, culinary & garden sea products, and skill-improving workshops.
We utilize regenerative growing principles to feed the soil that feeds us all. We practice rotational livestock grazing, cover cropping production fields, planting to enhance biodiversity and pollinator health, building on-farm seed saving capacity, utilizing what's around us, and creating beauty! We harness our draft horse Queenie for crop cultivation work, enjoy our heritage Shetland sheep for meat and fibre arts, and have two home-use dairy goats. We relish the diversity (and chaos) on our farm and in our active life on the Cape Split Road fifty feet from the Bay of Fundy.