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Angelhoeve Farm
Address: 1467 Gospel Woods Road Glenmont, NS, B0P1H0
Phone: 902-582-1363
About Us
Angelhoeve Farm is a small farm located in Glenmont, Nova Scotia, near Canning, on North Mountain. It is owned and operated by Angela Patterson and Ron Titus. The farm is situated on 165 acres of which approximately 50 are farmed and the other 115 acres are in woodlot that is being brought back to the old Acadian forest. Ron and Angela have been developing Angelhoeve Farm since 2002. Angela has been active as a past Board member and Board Chairperson of the Wolfville Farmers Market Cooperative.
Angelhoeve Farm produces healthy food from happy animals who live a free ranging life and are feed certified organic feed. The whole of the farm and our booth at the market are GMO Free Zones. Our poultry roam around the barnyard, our pigs live in our forest, and our sheep and meat goats are rotated weekly, during the spring, summer and fall, through a number of pasture paddocks. In the past, Angelhoeve farm has been certified organic. After a few years of downsizing Angela and Ron are now gearing back up in production and are currently in the process of re-certifying organic.