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Domaine de Grand Pre
Address: 11611 Highway 1 Grand Pre, NS, B0P 1M0
Phone: 902-542-1753
About Us
Domaine de Grand Pré is Nova Scotia’s oldest farm winery. Our wines are produced from specialty grapes that were specifically designed to grow in Nova Scotia’s climate and landscape. The result is an array of award-winning vintages appreciated across Canada and around the world! The winery is equipped with a retail wine shop, patio and restaurant (Le Caveau), which was voted one of 20 of the world’s “Best Winery Restaurants”.
We’ve taken a fresh approach to producing top quality Nova Scotia wines. While most modern wineries have adopted the trend of producing ‘Old World’ wines like Chardonnay, at Domaine de Grand Pré we believe Nova Scotia should develop its own varieties, styles, and vineyard procedures that will thrive with our local soil and oceanic climate. Our property has followed this practice by partnering with Agriculture Canada to develop hardy Nova Scotia grape varieties.