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Maple River Farm - Fert n' Fibre
Address: 180 Highway 336 Upper Musquodoboit, NS, B0N 2M0
Phone: 902-957-0534
About Us
Maple River Farm is a small hobby farm that focuses on producing quality llama fertilizer products from happy and healthy llamas. Fert n' Fibre is the name of the llama products that are produced. Llama beans are one of the highest yielding natural Nitrogen sources produced from an animal - yes, even higher than chicken and cow - they are second only to rabbit! They are also high in Phosphorus and Potassium. Llama manure can be applied to plants of all stages of life as it is not a hot manure. This means, it will not burn the plants when they are young and developing. Decrease your global footprint by using this naturally produced and renewable source of nutrients for your plants and watch them grow!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to meet the "Staff"
- Llama beans are collected on a daily basis from stalls and pasture to be run through an intensive cleaning and break down process.
- The llamas are kept on a well maintained nutritional program to ensure all their dietary needs are met and the manure meets the guaranteed analysis.
- The manure is analyzed on a seasonable basis to ensure that buyers are guaranteed to know what the value of the product they are buying is.
- Llama care and quality of life is the first and foremost important thing to us.
- Most importantly - No Llamas are harmed in the production of our product :)