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Terra Tonics Farm
Contact: Brogan Carruthers and Harrison Van Meekeren
Address: 110 Greenwich Rd Greenwich , NS, B4P2R2
Phone: 902-210-1152
About Us
Terra Tonics is a partnership between Brogan Carruthers and Harrison VanMeekeren. We both started our farm lives working in orchard operations. Brogan in sales and tourism and Harrison in production. Both of us care deeply about the accessibility of good food; and the benefits we see in our community when there is a resilient local food system. So here we go, teaming up to take on the world of market gardening

We started our Farm Terra Tonics in January 2020. It was a dream for Harrison to grow mushrooms and a dream for Brogan to grow vegetables, and what a fantastic role mushrooms play in supporting a healthy farm!
Our farm operates with regenerative farming practices, meaning we focus on growing the potential of our soil and all the lifeforms in it. Putting care into the land we farm, and in return the land helping us grow great food!

At Terra Tonics we grow a variety of different spray free, vegetables on 1/4 acre. We practice no till whenever possible, and using planned crop rotations to keep our beds healthy and productive. We have an indoor space where we grow nutrient dense microgreens in soil; and we are in the early stages of growing gourmet mushrooms, experimenting with both outdoor beds and indoor production