Greendog Real Foods
Contact: Kathleen & Lance Bishop
Address: 8 Old Baxter's Mill Road Canning, NS, B0P 1H0
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Phone: 902-599-3833
About Us
My journey with dogs started on Dec. 9th 1991 when Maggie joined me in my life adventures! She brought out in me a passion and a love for dogs, like no other! I decided I just wanted to be with her all the time so I changed my career and learned everything “dog” I could….I owned and operated a dog daycare and kenneling facility , studied grooming and opened a grooming school, became a trainer, learned massage, nutrition, created a dog bakery and now I am making both a raw and home cooked dog food product….and the adventure continues….Thanks Maggie!

My desire is to provide you with a wonderful product you can feel great about giving your pet…dogs and cats! And who knows…maybe horses!?
At Greendog we strive to support our local Nova Scotia and Canadian family farms first. Being farmers, we know about all the enjoyable, rewarding and hard work that goes into caring for our livestock . This work is a 24 hour job, 365 days a year. It involves making sure that the animals are fed a proper and nutritious diet, have adequate shelter, are loved and cared for in humane and ethical ways. This is the type of meats that we source first for this line of raw dog foods and treats. We believe that a calm and well raised animal that lives as it should and is happy is the ultimate food to feed our beloved pets. It is important for us to also provide a fair price to the farmer because without them there would be no foods of this standard and we love to support our Nova Scotia and Canadian economy first.

We are aware that our human footprint on the planet is one of the top causes of greenhouse emissions. We see the extra foods not used and wasted. Greendog food takes the extra foods that did not have a market and creates healthy choices for you, the consumer, to feed your pets! What is food that does not have a market? An example would be miscuts that are considered not sellable to the general public like a chicken breast that was cut unevenly, if 10,000 lbs of fish were caught and only 5,000 lbs were sold to markets we gather those meats that did not make it to the market. Vegetables that are odd shaped or did not sell at market. All meats and vegetable are human grade and from CFIA inspected facilities. These products are gathered from Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada and grown for human consumption.