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  • Arirang Farm
  • Benjamin Bridge
  • Binky's Donuts
  • Brandt's Bees
  • Canning Sauce Company
  • Cosmic Tree Essentials Ltd.
  • Elmridge Farm
  • Fox Hill Cheese House
  • Gillespie Family Orchard
  • Grafton Greenhouse Greens
  • Greendog Real Foods
  • Heidi Beads and Buns
  • Just Us Coffee
  • Longspell Point Farm
  • Maplewood Maple Syrup and Christmas Tree Farm
  • Moon Tide Farm
  • New Scotland Candle Co.
  • Olde Furrow Farm
  • Robertsons Farm & Apothecary
  • Rocky Top Farm
  • Seed & Scarecrow Farm
  • Seven Acres Farm
  • Slow Dough Bakery
  • Suprima Farms
  • T.A.N. Coffee
  • Taj Mahal Catering
  • teBogt's Produce & Meat
  • Two Birds One Stone Farm
  • Ursan Meadery
  • Wayfarers' Ale Society
  • Wolfville Farmers' Market Cooperative
  • Glutenless: Made without wheat, not in a certified gluten free kitchen
  • Plastic Free: often packaged in paper or compostable materials, will have sticker label
  • Returnable: Leave it in your blue bin to return to our vendors
  • Vegan: Made without the use of animal products
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