Chaga (Wild Harvested)

Chaga (Wild Harvested)
Chaga (Wild Harvested)
Throw in your french press or brew in a pot on your stove top.
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Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is traditionally brewed in hot water like a tea. A great winter sidekick, packed with nutrients and minerals that supports the immune system and anti-inflammation.

The taste of chaga is earthy and slightly bitter. Add to coffee, teas, cocoa or soup broth for a nutrition boost! BREW LOW AND SLOW - THE LONGER THE BETTER. :)

Our chaga is sustainably harvested in the woodlands of NS and hand ground with a vintage grinder.

Chaga Offerings

> Roughly Ground is perfect for a french press or just added to a cup of hot water. Can be brewed more than once.

> Whole Pieces are about the size of a loonie and are best for pot brewing. We get 3-4 brews out of the pieces.

>Mocha Root Blend comes with roasted dandelion root from our farm and organic cocoa nibs to create a caffeine free mocha flavor!

>Spiced Chaga Blend comes ground with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for a chai- like, caffeine free tea!

>Cacao Chaga Blend comes ground with organic cacao nibs that makes a great addition to the kiddos hot cocoa!

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