Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Extract
Handcrafted pure vanilla extract made with organic vanilla beans and organic whole vanilla pods!
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Vanilla Extract! Oh friends, does this ever smell amazing. My handcrafted pure vanilla extract is made with certified organic vanilla beans and certified organic whole vanilla pods. Why is this so important?

Did you know there is starting to be a global shortage of vanilla and that’s why the price of real vanilla products has sky rocketed over the last few years? (Beware of cheaply priced vanilla products, they are made with artificial vanilla flavouring.) This is why buying organic is so important especially for crops like this. When supplies run low and producers are having a hard time keeping up, wild populations of these plants become decimated by unethical harvesters who don’t harvest sustainably and are just trying to get quick profits. Certified organic vanilla plantations (and farms growing goldenseal and white sage and other species that are over harvested) are managed properly and sustainable so we need to support these farmers.

Anyway, I was inspired to help the organic vanilla movement so I hope you consider buying a bottle. Superstore is selling their certified organic vanilla extract for $25 so I’m pricing mine the same.

For cooking and baking, everywhere that the ubiquitous “1 teaspoon vanilla extract” is called for, this is the absolute best. Expensive but worth every penny.

#vanillaextract #organic #sustainablevanilla #delicious #expensivebutworthit
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