Seeds, Root Veggies

Seeds, Root Veggies
Seeds, Root Veggies
Mustard Root The Golden Green Turnip!
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Root For You Mix Comes with one packet of each type. :)

Bald Head Mustard Root (Brassica juncea v. napiformis) 80 Days A favourite in parts of Northern China, these beauties look like a turnip but with vibrant green shoulders and off-white to yellow flesh. Extremely cold tolerant and amazing storage dormancy. We have completely replaced our rutabaga production with a much tastier and more dependable veggie! Best grown in late summer and directly in the ground.

Purple Top Turnip (Brassica rapa) 50 Days This is your classic turnip from the 1800s. One of our most reliable root crops we grow and fastest. Moderate storage-ability. Greens can also been eaten and popular in NFL!

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