Seeds, Squash

Seeds, Squash
Seeds, Squash
Choose Butternut Squash or Long Island Cheese. Both fantastic winter storage squash!
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WALTHAM BUTTERNUT: The popular open-pollinated butternut introduced in 1968. Tan coloured skin is smooth and so easy to peel and process because the seeds are in a small cavity in the bulb end. Good winter keeper, one of our favourite squashes because it's so easy! (Cucurbita moshata)

LONG ISLAND CHEESE: Often called a "pumpkin", this is technically a squash similar in colouring and flavour to a butternut. The biggest difference is that they tend to be a big bigger and because they are shaped like round, flat pumpkins, they make terrific seasonal decorations in September and October before coming inside to be stored for winter eating. They got their name because they resemble a large wheel of cheese. Similar mild-flavoured, orange flesh as a butternut, this squash is terrific for soups and roasting. (Cucurbita moshata)
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