Seeds, Greens

Seeds, Greens
Seeds, Greens
Spinach, Lettuce, Kale and Cilantro. Use drop-down menu to choose!
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Spinach, Kale, Lettuce and Cilantro are all easy to grow, nutritious, and good yielding. Can be planted throughout the growing season for extended harvests, and also for late fall or over-winter harvests of kale.

WELSFORD MIX KALE: We are excited about this one! We have a self-seeding 'landrace' of open-pollinated kale that comes back year after year at our gardens in Welsford. This stand has genetics from a few different kale varieties plus Georgia collards, but the genetics are now quite stable and the plants are more vigorous than any of the original varieties that contributed to this variety. People rave about the size and beauty of our big stands of kale! They are gorgeous and impressive, as well as extremely cold tolerant.

LACINATO KALE: An old Italian heirloom from the rustic, pebbled kitchen gardens of Tuscany, dating back to the 18th century. Long, blistered blue-green leaves grow from a central stem. Hardy in both the cold and the heat.

RED RUSSIAN KALE: Another heirloom variety, the most tender for growing baby greens. It also over-winters reliably in NS and grows well in wet or dry garden conditions, very adaptable.

SPECKLED TROUT LETTUCE: Also called Forellenschluss, is an old heirloom variety from Austria dating back hundreds of years. I grew it every year in our urban garden in Wolfville and saved seed by hand for 3 seasons. I finally have enough seed to offer it here. It’s a slow-bolting soft romaine lettuce with beautiful burgundy splotches on the green leaves. Nice long weeks of harvest!

BLOOMSDALE SPINACH: The standard open-pollinated, time-tested spinach that has remained a garden favourite for generations. Big leaves, extended harvest, and can be overwintered under mulch for a fresh flush of greens in the very early spring.

CILANTRO: Nutritious and delicious!

Our seed packets have clear plant photos on the fronts and seed growing information on the backs. Great gardens start with lovely, sustainable seed. 50-100+ seeds per packet.
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