Seeds, Herbs

Seeds, Herbs
Seeds, Herbs
Beautiful medicinal herbs that can just be for show or for use.
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Mountain Mint - A tall, minty perennial that grow great in our climate.
Lemon Balm - A low, growing lemony perennial herb.
Anise hyssop - A tall, sweet- licorice tasting annual herb.
Garlic Chives- A flat leafed chive with a garlic flavor. Grows slower than regular chives.
Motherwort - Gorgeous foliage and dainty pink-purple flowers. Pollinators LOVE this plant! Medicinally used in bitters and great for those new to motherhood hence the name.
Sticky Gumweed - Flowers in the second year. Bright yellow, resinous flowers. They become so loaded with blooms they kind of glow yellow in the distance. Grows about waist high.
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