Seeds, Flowers

Seeds, Flowers
Seeds, Flowers
12 Flowers to Choose From!
This item is not presently for sale, please check back when ordering is open.
Calendula - A bright orange - daisy like flower with lots of resin. Annual.
Morning Glory - A violet flowering vine. Loved by humming birds! Annual.
Mexican Sunflower - A tall bright orange flower with soft oak like foliage. Annual.
Nicotiana Mix - Delicate flowers or white, pink and yellow. Like long bells. Annual.
Blue Vervain - Tall candelabra purple flowers that last long through summer. Perennial.
Teasel - Our most unique biennial flower with alien foliage and flowers.
Marhsmallow - Tall, soft with little light pink hibiscus like flowers along stalk. Perennial
Coneflower - Aka Echinacea bright pinky-purple flowers with color center. Perennial.
Bachelors Buttons - Cerulan blue meadow loving flower with continuous blooms. Annual.
Evening Primrose - Tall, pastel yellow flowers. A great winter food source for birds. Annual.
Canna Lilly - A tropical annual with large green leaves, bright red danity flame flowers.
Verbena Borensis - Tall, structured purple flowers. Continuously flowering. Self-seeding.

Flower Power Mix of 5 Packets- I will select 5 packets that go splendidly together and you get a nice little discount. :)
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