Houseplant, Haworthia

Houseplant, Haworthia
Houseplant, Haworthia
“Planted with Love” 4” pots with healthy, vibrant, cute Haworthia succulents.
This item is not presently for sale, please check back when ordering is open.
Haworthia are robust, easy-to-keep, low-maintenance indoor houseplants. Vigorous and healthy with cool thick, spiky leaves (no cactus spines though!). Haworthia are succulents so they do not require very much water and they like full sun to dappled sunlight. Such easy-to-care-for little bringers of cheer.

These cheerful rounded ceramic pots are 4” in diameter and 4” tall, printed with the words “Planted With Love”. There is a green half-marble nestled next to each plant, which makes them look special - it's our signature decoration! Carefully boxed so they get to you safely and we have a “Haworthia Care Sheet” that comes with your plant too. Enjoy one or offer as a long-lasting, cheerful gift. Thank you.

Michelle has been growing and propagating houseplants since she was a teenager, helping her mom take care of their vast collection of houseplants. All of our succulents and cacti are propagated from our own "mother" plants or grown from seeds and cuttings. Some of them are many years old by the time they are ready for sale! Propagating plants is a slow act of patient enjoyment. We hope you find a plant for your own home, or consider giving one as a thoughtful gift.
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