Transplant, Comfrey

Transplant, Comfrey
Transplant, Comfrey
Russian 'Bocking 14' cultivar. Incredibly beneficial garden perennial.
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This non-spreading comfrey grows into large bushes, and puts out flowers loved by pollinators. Comfrey grows very long tap-roots that absorb minerals in the soil, make comfrey leaves incredibly rich and useful. Cut them down and use as mulch on your gardens or add them to your compost. You can also make compost tea out of them.

NOTE: Although this comfrey is non-spreading, it is easy to propagate it by taking root cuttings and replanting where you want more. Therefore, we recommend not mowing over this plant with a rototiller because it will distribute chunks of roots throughout your garden and new comfrey will grow where the roots are deposited.
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