Turmeric Tisane
Turmeric Tisane
A sweet, warming turmeric concentrate
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Turmeric Tisane (Tisane;- a hot or cold infusion of herbs and/or spices)
It seems like everyone is trying to get more turmeric into their diets lately.(us included) This orangy, yellow rhizome is a member of the ginger family and is known as a wonder spice, that stains EVERYTHING!
The magical part of turmeric is the compound called curcumin.
Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a mega anti-oxidant provider.
In ayruvedic medicine they use turmeric to relieve pain and inflammation. And in Chinese medicine they use turmeric to promote the flow of 'qi'.
We use turmeric in our Tisane to harness anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, as well as it being a soothing digestive aid.
If you are not a curry lover like myself, then the earthy taste of turmeric is going to be hard to fit into your smoothies, soups or suppers. So we created this drink for you!
Enjoy a few tablespoons of Turmeric Tisane in a mug of hot water to start the day. Or top up a G&T with a little liquid sunshine at the end of the day.
Sweet, warming, earthy and a little spicy. Everyone can enjoy this tonic.

Each 12oz bottle contains:-
21g of juiced organic turmeric
17g of juiced organic ginger
half an organic lemon

Ingredients -
Filtered water
Tamarind paste
Tulsi Basil^
Black pepper*

Please refrigerate. Consume withing 4weeks after opening.
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