Flax Flour, Gluten Free

Flax Flour, Gluten Free
Flax Flour, Gluten Free
SALE! Our Valley Kitchen stocks are nearing their best-before dates.
This item is not presently for sale, please check back when ordering is open.
We've kept our Valley Kitchen products in a dedicated freezer so the best before dates are at least another 6-8 months out. However, the dates on the actual boxes/bags are dated for March 2024, so we've given you our full wholesale price, just to move them on and out of our freezers.

Another great healthy, gluten-free product from Valley Kitchen. Brown flax flour is simply their whole flax seeds milled and sifted. Flax flour can be substituted for cracked flax, flaxseed meal, and milled or ground flax. Every vegan recipe that calls for making a quick "flax egg" for binding can be using this flaxmeal / flax flour.

Nutritionally, flax can help to control blood sugars, reduce cholesterol and keep your bowels regular. Flax is an excellent source of dietary fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, and this brown flax flour contains good amounts of healthy flax oil.

Large 800g bag
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