Edible Art Cafe
Contact: Ariell Vincent
Address: 9701 Commercial St. New Minas, NS, B4N3G6
Email Address:
Phone: 902-681-7375
About Us
The Edible Art Cafe is a family owned business that launched at the Wolfville Farmer's Market in the summer of 2012. Our market roots had already run deep, with owner and head chef, Ariell Vincent being one of the first market vendors many years ago. We expanded our operations within the old Horton Highschool building in 2013, offering full service dining, live music daily, plus local art and events. Our family also grew with the community during this time, with the birth of our two boys, Dax and Gavin in 2014-15. Many memories have been made with our business and family being so integrated, from the boys' lemonade stand, to our farm-to-table gardens, and countless other moments fueled by great food, music, and art. We're so grateful for all the amazing support here in the valley, and are excited to once again be a part of the market through WFM to Go!
Our Grab & Go frozen soups and entrees have been the main staple of our business from the beginning. We take this responsibility very seriously. The need for accessibility to healthy local foods has never been more important. We strive to use local ingredients whenever possible, as well as accommodating a wide array of dietary needs including gluten free, keto, vegan, and dairy free options. Producing our own ingredients has also been a long term goal over the years, as we continue to revitalize the grounds around the old Horton band room and bus garage. With near zero food waste produced at the café, thousands of pounds of our compost has been bringing the soil back to life, providing a bounty of squash for the soups, kale for salads, and an increasing diversity including grapes, Brussel sprouts, black berries, sunflowers, and more.