Art of Fungi
Address: 101 Jones Road New Minas, NS, B4N 4J6
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Phone: 902-300-3567
About Us
Art of Fungi is a family owned, woman operated mushroom cultivation business, based in New Minas, Annapolis Valley. We focus on specialty and seasonal mushrooms such as oyster, shiitake, lion's mane, pioppino, king oyster, enoki mushrooms. We also supply mushroom culture, spawn and kit to local customers who would like to grow their own mushrooms.
We are small but enthusiastic about cultivating gourmet mushrooms. Not only we grow our own mushrooms, we also maintain our ever growing culture bank, a collection of more than 40 different gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultures. Most of the mushrooms we grow are primary decomposers, which means these are wood-decaying mushrooms which can directly use wood as their food resources. Therefore, comparing to common button mushrooms cultivation, we are using quite distinct cultivation techniques. We grow most of our mushrooms indoor, using local sourced sawdust and other plant-based protein supplements.